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Feb 6 2023

Podcast Interview with Jordon Ferber of the “Where’s The Grief” Podcast

A big thank you to podcast host Jordon Ferber for our recent interview together on the "Where's The Grief?" podcast! Since I’m a big comedy fan, it was especially fun to talk with Jordon who is a stand up comedian in NYC. He draws on his own art life and his experience losing his younger brother to a car accident at the age of 21. I was inspired to learn that he also guides others with grief support groups. We talk about the creative process, my work as an art and movement therapist and how I found a path towards ...
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Dec 14 2022

Tap into a Creative Mindset!

Happy Holidays! As 2022 winds to a close, and we get ready for a different pace over the holidays, I am thanking you for being a part of my creative community. I find ongoing inspiration from the art expressions of the people I work with through my practice and in my courses. I also have so many incredible colleagues and artist friends who model how art can be a practice of healing, connection and social change. I wanted to offer you an exercise to tap into a creative mindset that can also offer you time for contemplation and integration as ...
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Nov 15 2022

Making Masks with Henry: Window into the Imagination

This is my artist friend Henry Sultan. I have known Henry for a few decades, and now I'm in my 50's and he is in his 80's! We first met when I was the Art Curator at the California Institute of Integral Studies where I hosted an art show with Henry and his wife Jenny Badger Sultan. They have both dedicated their life to painting and the creative path. Currently, I live a block from Henry and Jenny's home and they have one of the best art studios I have ever encountered. You can see it from the street; it ...
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Oct 18 2022

The Struggle of Art

In my ‘split’ life as arts therapist/ coach/ teacher/ artist, I am a grand juggler and I thrive on being actively engaged in life and art. My work can be intense, and being a creative person and a business owner doesn’t come without sacrifice. I have to be diligent about my self-care to maintain my stamina. This was especially true during the pandemic. In early 2020, in addition to my practice and teaching, I was at the tail end of a long creation phase with a documentary film, The Creative High. I started to see very clearly that stress was taking its toll. I could feel it in my ...
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Aug 26 2022

Podcast Interview with Liz Gleeson of the Shapes of Grief Podcast & Training Programme

What a deep experience to meet and talk grief and Art (and much more) with Liz Gleeson of the Shapes of Grief Podcast & Training Programme based in Ireland. I felt seen and met by someone who truly speaks the same language of metaphor and medicine. ‘Sometimes I wish the world were a little smaller, so I could meet my guests in person. Adriana is one of those people who I’d love to spend time with. This, for me, was a beautiful, insightful, honest and tender conversation about humanity, addiction, love, capacity to show up or not, and finding our ...
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May 26 2022

Avoiding Interruption to Find Creative Flow: aka How Our Devices are Distracting Us

“A flow state…This is when you are so absorbed in what you are doing that you lose all sense of yourself, and time seems to fall away, and you are flowing into the experience itself. It is the deepest form of focus and attention that we know of…We know at some level, that when we are not focusing, we are not using one of our greatest capacities.” - Johann Hari As I write this, I am sitting at a local cafe. They are playing rhythmic alternative music, the doors are open and fans are overhead on a sunny day in ...
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May 3 2022

Interview with Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

It was an absolute honor to be interviewed by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation for an online blog entitled Meet Adriana Marchione, director of “The Creative High”.  This Q&A, facilitated by Jeremiah Gardner, was originally published for Hazelden Betty Ford’s monthly Recovery Advocacy Update. If you’d like to receive their advocacy emails, subscribe today. Q: What does recovery look like for you, and how has it empowered different aspects of your life? Recovery has been a waking-up process for me which is ever-evolving. It was a rebirth, which over time gave me the ability to face life with open eyes and a ...
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Mar 3 2022

Podcast Interview with The Journal of The Youth in Nigeria

I was recently interviewed by Sakeenah, the founder of "The Journal of The Youth" podcast in Nigeria. In the episode entitled "Art Therapy with Adriana Marchione: A Journey of Healing and Self-Expression Through Art" we discussed my journey to becoming who I am today, my approach to mental health and my views on art as a way to improve the mental health of teens and youth. Listen to the episode here.
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Feb 7 2022

Podcast Interview: Where Life Meets Art: Channeling Grief, Addiction and Trauma into Beautiful Expressions

I recently appeared on "The Women Waken" podcast which is hosted by my friend and colleague, Whitney Walker. In the episode entitled "Where Life Meets Art: Channeling Grief, Addiction and Trauma into Beautiful Expressions" Whitney and I discussed how addiction and recovery affected our lives, and the ways that grief helped me reclaim my own creative practices. I also shared about my work as an expressive arts therapist and my journey into the daunting world of film making! Listen to the episode here.
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Nov 1 2021

A Tribute to my Therapist

The best forms of healing, therapy, and meditation are learning to trust. The trust is the genuine kind.” - Jack Kornfeld This newsletter is dedicated to Theresa Cangelosi who was my therapist for eight years. She guided me through the most difficult times of my life. I came to her after an estrangement from a spiritual mentor during an emotional crisis. A few years into our work together she supported me through the illness and death of my late husband due to lung cancer. Theresa was a somatic psychotherapist with a special focus working with trauma. She was Italian American which created a ...
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