Art Cures Incubation Course
Starting September 15, 2023

Art Cures Incubation Course
Starting September 15, 2023

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deepen your creative life
  • Are you craving experiences and connections that inspire you?
  • Do you want to learn more about healing through artistic expression?
  • Would you like to create or birth an artistic project that tackles a theme or story in your life, develop and maintain a creative practice, and bring your life/art work out into the world?

Join us for a special opportunity to work with a trusted guide to draw out your artistic gifts and passions. The Art Cures Incubation Course will lay out a path to compost the ‘tough stuff’ into creative fuel, open up the possibilities to make art that is transformative while using an embodied approach.

How would your life be different if you could:  

  • channel your own emotions, stories and intense feelings into creative acts
  • be a part of a soulful community where you receive useful feedback and encouragement in your art making
  • dive into practices that have substance while focusing on what you want to share and contribute to others

Imagine crafting meaningful and impactful creative work without losing your balance:    

  • Break out of isolation and discouragement that can accompany the healing journey
  • Be more effective in meeting your creative goals and get traction with your projects
  • Rise out of the patterns and stories that keep you stuck by employing a creative perspective

Art Cures Incubation Course: A Special Opportunity to work with Adriana and Team

An Immersive Life/Art Exploration: 90 Day Online Course; September 15-December 8, 2023 (no class November 24th). 

For Educators, Artists, Coaches, Writers, Performers, Musicians, Therapists, Designers or Anyone who Wants to Learn more about Healing through Creativity.

I created the The Art Cures Incubation Course to provide a dynamic offering that blends my skills as artist and a creative and somatic (body-based) therapist/educator. I have worked with people for over 20 years using the creative process to support healing from addiction, grief, trauma, and physical/mental health challenges while facilitating change and growth. I have also learned to prioritize my own art life and have made visual art, poetry, performance and documentary films highlighting my healing journeys. I will support you to combine creative tension with safe structures to enable you to build your practices and projects successfully.

This course will allow you to…

  • Give space for your artistic voice to flourish and move out of isolation during these difficult times
  • Discover an empowering creative approach to tackle life challenges (i.e. grief/loss, addictions, body shame, illness, depression…)
  • Own your creative ‘genius’ and step into the unique gifts you possess as an artist
  • Flip the perspective on your limiting life stories and find new pathways for growth
  • Be enriched by a community of like-minded creatives who dare to make art from an embodied place

The Art Cures Incubation Course includes:

  • Weekly Zoom Classes to develop work and gather creative and somatic resources
  • Creative Mentoring Sessions to meet your creative goals without the fear that can block progress
  • Supervised ‘Studio’ Time to stay grounded and supported while taking risks in art-making
  • Private Facebook Group for connection and community support
  • Guest Presenters/Artists to enhance your learning and inspire you to new heights
  • Assignments to keep you engaged and making progress

Online Zoom Classes: September 15-December 8, 2023 (no class on November 24th). Classes held from 10am-12pm PT.

Opening Retreat - September 15, 2023 from 10AM-1PM PT

Mid-Point Retreat - November 3, 2023 from 10AM to 1PM PT

Closing Retreat - December 8, 2023 from 10AM to 1PM PT

Note: If you can’t be present for a class, a recording will be available.


Course Themes per Month:

Embracing Your Life/Art Material

Adriana will guide you to identify and lean in to the life stories, memories, and metaphors that want to be expressed, and tune in to the art mediums that are best suited for you. We will use the tools of expressive arts and somatic work (drawing, collage, photography, movement, poetry, creative writing) to mine the life material that needs a voice.

Building an Artistic Practice

Adriana will address the many blocks that get in the way of committing to artistic expression, and support you to find structure and practices that will help you move ahead with your creative vision. As a group you will share challenges and resources, and use aesthetic feedback and the language of the arts to light the path.

Sharing Your Creative Work

Whether you want to share your work with a small group of people or make your art public, Adriana will help you move through the fear of being visible, and learn more about the ‘gifts’ of being vulnerable and courageous in art-making. Balancing process and product, we will explore how to create compelling art that furthers your own healing journey, while also translating hope and inspiration to others.

(includes 3 Creative Mentoring Sessions with Adriana) Payment plan available.
Upgrade your enrollment for only $250 (a total of $1300) and receive 2 additional Creative Mentoring Sessions with Adriana. 

Partial scholarships are available through the Mariana Osorio Memorial Scholarship. Please email for an application. 

This course will lay out a Healing Arts Practice designed just for you and Level Up your Creative Potential in 2023!

Space is limited to 15, so enroll today.

Questions? Email Adriana at [email protected]

We want you to be 100% confident when you enroll in the Art Cures Incubation Course.

If you are unsatisfied after 14 days into the course you will receive a 100% refund. There are no refunds after this time. If you commit to the payment plan, you are responsible to complete payment according to the payment schedule.


About Adriana

Adriana Marchione has been involved in the arts for over thirty years as a filmmaker, dancer, photographer and is internationally recognized in her work as a movement-based expressive arts therapist and educator. Since 2002, Adriana has taught and directed programs at Tamalpa Institute, California Institute of Integral Studies, WHEAT Institute in Canada and founded her own wellness center in San Francisco. She has presented her creative healing approach at festivals, conferences, and treatment centers including South by Southwest, Studio le théâtre du Corps in Paris, Freight and Salvage and San Francisco State University. Adriana created When the Fall Comes in 2013, a performance project that culminated in a short film based on her own life story encountering intimate grief and loss. She recently released The Creative High, a feature documentary featuring working artists who have faced addiction. Find her films at, and


IMG_9742 (1)

Liz Walton

Liz Walton is a truth-teller, writer, healer, artist, performer, and meditation facilitator. She spent two decades as a massage therapist which taught her to cultivate a beginner’s mind. She got sober in 2007 and found a new lease on life where she explored singing, songwriting, guitar, ukulele, ballet, tap dance, and fire spinning. After completing an Expressive Arts Therapy program in 2015, she retired from her massage career and began working in the music industry traveling all over the world. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles, California.

Teresa Prima

Teresa Prima is a dance, expressive arts and somatic movement educator, and choreographer. She graduated as a dance performer and community dance facilitator and is currently attending a training in clinical and somatic movement education. As a grant holder, Teresa trained in Indian classical dance, Kalaripayattu and Expressive Arts at Tamalpa Institute. She has participated in various international artistic research platforms and improvisation events. As a choreographer, Teresa developed solo and collaborative projects and performed for national and international dance and theater creators, and facilitated Anna Halprin`s Planetary Dance in Portugal. Teresa seeks to bring dance, movement and creativity to all ages, providing experiences that may highlight the potential and uniqueness of each person.

Teresa Prima

Guest Presenters


Marialuisa Diaz de Leon: MA, REAT, RSME/T

Therapist, movement specialist, mythologist, educator, researcher, and performer born in Guadalajara, Mexico. Marialuisa is the creator of Mythic Life: Embodying Wisdom, Beauty and Courage where she brings her expertise to individual consultation and group facilitation in-person and online to people all over the globe in Spanish and English (

Marialuisa is a registered Expressive Arts Therapist through IEATA and a registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist through ISMETA. Marialuisa holds the office of President for the ISMETA Board of Directors, is core faculty at the Tamalpa Institute and adjunct faculty at SouthWestern College.

Peter Griggs

Peter Griggs’ work includes collaborations with Boathouse Productions and EmSpace Dance theater. He recently performed at Shotgun player's “Eurydice” with the Erika Chong Shuch Performance Project. He is founder of the Burning Monk Collective which has produced two (and now three) of his original works “Subrosa” and “Killer Queen,” which premiered at Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory in early 2010. In 2011 another run of “Killer Queen” was produced as a site-specific work in San Francisco and in Los Angeles, and received a GLAAD nomination for outstanding Los Angeles Theatre. He also is a Drag Performer who goes by the name of U-Phoria Glitter-Mascara.

Peter new1

Erin Khar

Erin Khar‘s debut memoir, Strung Out: One Last Hit and Other Lies that Nearly Killed Me (Park Row Books, 2/25/20), has appeared on most anticipated lists from The Rumpus, SELF, Apple Books, Goodreads, Bitch Media, Alma, and others. She writes the popular weekly advice column, Ask Erin, and her personal essays have appeared in SELF, Marie Claire, Salon, HuffPost, Longreads, LA Weekly, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, and others. She lives in New York City.

This course is right for you if want to…

  • identify the life stories, memories, and metaphors that want to be expressed, and find a creative outlet for release
  • address the blocks that get in the way of committing to artistic expression
  • get support to find structure and practices that will help you move ahead with your creative goals
  • move through the fear of being visible, and learn more about the ‘gifts’ of being vulnerable and courageous in art-making

Don’t let another year go by before you take charge of your own well-being by employing a creative approach. Join me to channel your dreams and passion into an art practice or project that will increase your confidence, hone your vision and allow a ripple effect that will expand your life purpose.

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“Adriana’s Art Incubation Course helped hold a container for me to channel my grief into painting, writing, and new meaning-making. In this container, I found soul companions traveling the path of creativity in all its forms: dance, painting, writing, theater. We found a common ground through the spiritual practices and offerings from Adriana. Many different threads emerged from each of us to make a beautiful tapestry both as a group and as individuals. And I emerged from the course with the art outline of my now about-to-be-published book! Adriana holds such sacred space for each of us, in the human process of art-as-life. I can’t recommend her, and this course, highly enough!” 

– Linda Shanti McCabe, Recovery/Grief Coach, Licensed Clinical Psychologist


“This course has helped me understand how sacred and powerful expression can be and how important it is for all of us to be fully expressed. It feels like magic, the kind of space that Adriana held for me and my classmates. There are things that talk therapy is necessary for – yet there are things that only art-making can unlock. That’s why people engage with art as audience members. But after this class, I want the audiences to know that they can use art to unlock themselves too. The trick is to do so responsibly and Adriana was respectful of my process, pace and desires. I was actually doing the leading. There has been tangible movement in my life because of my learning and healing in this class. I didn’t do this on my own and yet when I try to look back and see Adriana’s hand in my healing it feels like a gentle mirror instead of direction or instruction. “

– Erika Rose, Theater Artist


“When I signed up for this course I was feeling creatively blocked and struggling with burn-out. Though the Art Cures Course I committed to my creative expression and found a resource in playing piano and singing that I had forgotten about. I did not enter this course with a plan, other than I wanted to feel better. I’m now writing music, singing and moving my body to provide myself with the care I need to feel happy, alive and create.” 

– Sarah Boehmke, Artist, Educator and Program Director


“The course provided a gentle and nourishing container, which was exactly what I needed during a period of ill health and recovery. Adriana’s holding helped me to creatively express extremely difficult emotions and painful physical sensations, and to feel embodied, grateful and whole. It was a wonderful, supportive experience and I have incorporated the practices Adriana introduced us to into my daily life”.

– Dr. Dvora Liberman, Research Fellow, University of Oxford


“In Adriana’s classes, I have generated personal resources during the fatal illness of a lifelong partner and the grief that followed. I have used them to access memories and to liberate body memories from muscles and bones. I have celebrated personal growth. Creating with others similarly engaged gives the sessions extra meaning. They are open to all; no experience necessary. Just come ready to trust her kind, clear and well-planned facilitating. Adriana inspires me.”

– Daniel Raskin, Retired Preschool Teacher


“Adriana’s expertise in navigating the terrain of both the creative and healing processes has been a life raft for me more than once. This online experience was no exception. Adriana inspires courage to dig deep and offers an abundance of resources, as she moves students individually and collectively, through the inner demons of creative blocks, resistances and the inner critic. Her ability to lead each person through difficult obstacles when they arise and be as a midwife, restoring the creative flow, is what makes all the difference in creative endeavors. The witnessing, giving and receiving support and feedback was a critical component for those of us who can be on the shy side and need a little nudge.”

– Maureen Davison, Qigong & Massage Therapist, Artist


“This course was something out of my comfort zone and I was nervous to start but Adriana created such an inspiring and safe space that I always felt supported along the way. I truly loved the experience. It has helped me on my own healing journey and reignited in my need and desire for personal creative expression and play which something I'd been wanting to get back in touch with for years. It also gave me the courage to start a personal project I had been thinking about for years. I very highly recommend this course!”

- Claudia, Documentary Filmmaker


“Making art is one of the most ancient human needs. Courting your freedom to express artfully in whatever form it appears and sharing it in a circle with others on the same path of inquiry—much like our ancestors telling stories around the fire. Adriana masterfully holds the circle for these needs to be tended to, knowing there is deep medicine there—and by the end of the course, which is long enough to make a journey, you too, recognize the healing magic of these elements.”

- Lorena Wolfman, Poet, Dancer, Healer

Save My Spot

(includes 3 Creative Mentoring Sessions with Adriana) Payment plan available.
Upgrade your enrollment for only $250 (a total of $1300) and receive 2 additional Creative Mentoring Sessions with Adriana. 

Partial scholarships are available through the Mariana Osorio Memorial Scholarship. Please email for an application.