Art & Somatic Therapy

Expressive arts therapy has emerged over the last few decades as an innovative approach towards health in our contemporary society. Expressive arts therapy uses a range of creative media including dance, visual art, music, performance, and creative writing to encourage self-exploration and personal growth.

When we experience transition, loss, get caught in cycles of addictive behaviors, or find we have “lost our center,” life can feel overwhelming. Skillful guidance and support can help us find renewal, peace, and wholeness in the midst of life’s most challenging circumstances.

Finding balance in the nervous system and gaining a more solid foundation in the body is essential for wellness. Adriana brings a powerful orientation to mindfulness and stress reduction through her work with somatic movement therapy. Her sessions bring awareness to the patterned movements and postures that shape us, resulting in resilience and empowerment.

Art and Somatic Therapy
Work with Adriana

Adriana works out of her private office in a central location in Charlottesville, Virginia. In addition to in-person sessions, she offers Zoom sessions nationally and internationally. Free 15 minute phone consultation for first time clients.

To schedule an individual session, contact Adriana at [email protected]