Art as Necessity: Self-Care Retreat for Creatives



Have you lost your creative compass? Does an arts practice help you align with your innermost self?

This self-care retreat will guide you on an immersive arts experience providing a ‘time out’ to listen to your body, mind, and creative spirit. Life’s demands can take us away from the practices that truly need our attention, and distract us from the clarity and dedication we require to show up for our art life.

The Retreat will allow you to:

  • Engage in visual art, poetic writing, and somatic movement work to step out of the daily grind
  • Follow your creative impulses while prioritizing your mental health and peace of mind
  • Affirm the desire to make art as a fundamental need for survival, well-being, and societal growth
  • Meet other creative folks who know know the value of practicing and actualizing art projects

This mini-retreat is geared towards:

  • Creatives who want to deepen their healing practices
  • Arts Therapists, educators and coaches who want to nourish artistic life
  • Professional artists of all types who are craving more time for their own projects

DATE: Friday, August 23, 2024, 10am – 1pm Pacific Time / 1pm – 4pm Eastern Time (on Zoom)