Creative Mirroring: Photography to Honor the Landscapes we Inhabit

An 'Art Cures' Offering:

A Series of Creative Exercises for Personal Healing and Social Impact.


Since my recent move to Virginia, I've been reflecting on the ways that the surrounding landscape affects me. Whether in an urban or natural environment, there is much beauty and curiosity that influences me if I pay attention. I have always found that photography is a great way to feel more connected to all the details that shape a place.


We often hear the idea that the camera creates distance. This can happen, but if I am walking or traveling with the intention of learning and being inspired by what I find, then my eyes are keenly focused, and my senses are sharpened. I can be enlivened by the trees, the leaves, and the intricate details when in nature, or amused by the graffiti, the sidewalk garbage, or the shapes that make up a building. When did you last give yourself the time and focus to truly inhabit the landscape that you live in?


This Week's Exercise:


Photography to Honor the Landscapes we Inhabit

Time: 30 minutes - 3 Hours


⌚ Carve out time for a walk in your home environment. It may be a familiar walk, or you can switch it up for a new experience.

📷 Bring your camera/phone on Airplane mode so as not to be distracted.

🚶🏻‍♀️Walk and explore with presence, taking pictures of what captures your attention. Some tips to take a more interesting photo:

  • Try different angles - looking up, down, zooming in to a fine detail
  • Notice shapes, colors, and textures and how they can influence your photo
  • Play with contrast - capture something beautiful next to something messy, etc.
  • Use an app like 'Hipstamatic,' which uses filters to enhance your images


✍🏻 After your walk, reflect on your experience by looking at your images and/or journal writing.


If so moved, share some of these photos with me, a few friends, and/or post on social media. You can email me at [email protected].