Art and Aliveness

What makes you feel most alive?

What is most alive in your art process?

What is most alive in your dance and movement at this moment?

Follow the thread of your aliveness.

Where do you find the most energy or vitality in your body?

These are questions and prompts I often use in my individual sessions or while teaching. Tapping into our life force as a conscious act is a practice that can encourage healing and well-being. Using questions and reflections like these can help revive our nervous system and fuel our positive energy. Creative inquiry can also increase our workflow, giving us more drive and fulfillment while we make art.

Currently, I am experiencing increased vitality in the spring season. Watching and hearing nature renew itself on the East Coast of the U.S. amplifies this feeling. The joyful birdsong during mating season, along with the buds and flowers turning into green leaves, is revitalizing. Green is everywhere.

Witnessing all this fertility and new growth evokes a renewal within my own body—my ecosystem. I feel this even more keenly after decades of living in California, where spring does not have the same dramatic effect. I don't take this feeling for granted, and I am grateful when it arrives.

People often come to work with me when they are in low spirits. They might be facing physical, emotional, or mental health struggles, feeling weighed down by creative blocks, and generally experiencing depletion or a feeling of loss.

Just as a vitamin boost or nourishing food can make you feel better, we also need soul food to boost our life force.

Art Exercise: Soak in Music with a Playlist

Create a playlist of music that evokes a springtime vibe, i.e., a feeling of vitality.

If you use Spotify, you can check out this playlist called "Songs That Make You Feel Alive":

As well, I want to share with you my recent webinar through She Recovers on the same topic: Art and Aliveness: Tapping into the Creative Source. This was through their popular Mental Health Monday Recovery Education Series.

Find the recording of this presentation here.

Look for more offerings coming soon!