Creative Support: Gather ‘Art’ Cards to Send to Friends in Need

"Art Cures" Offering:
A Series of Creative Exercises for Personal Healing and Social Impact.
As we move through our days, it is hard not to have the awareness of suffering in other parts of the world, as well as close to home. People often speak to me about feeling helpless and uncertain about how to support a loved one and/or a cause they want to fight for. At times, it can be paralyzing, and for me, it can be amplified if I am depleted or find myself overloaded with painful realities.
I have found that simple actions are a useful way to get motivated when I want to find purpose and lift my spirits. If I'm stuck in hopelessness or confusion, I can't contribute. One action leads to more action. Getting out of 'thinking' and into activity can shift the mood and guide us to find ways to show up for others in our lives.
This Week's Exercise:
Gather 'Art' Cards to Send to Friends in Need
Time: 1-4 Hours
📃 Make a list of people in your life, near and far, who are going through a difficult time - experiencing grief, health struggles, challenging transitions, and/or are affected by current events.
🛍 Shop to find inspiring/creative greeting cards. Places like Trader Joe’s, Target (in the US) have less expensive cards - but feel free to splurge at specialty stores.
🎨 If you have the energy, create some of your own art cards at home with watercolor, pastels, or collage materials placed on cardstock.
💖 Include a personal greeting with blessings, wishes, and appreciations for their current situation. You may want to include a poem that you find moving.
📬 Mail your cards to offer support, encouragement, and to let people know they are not alone.
I would be curious to hear if you practiced this exercise and to know of any reflections that came to you. PM on social media or send me an email!