Creative Nourishment: Soak in Poetry, Music or Art to Soothe the Soul

An ‘Art Cures’ Offering: A Series of Creative Exercises for Personal Healing and Social Impact.

Do you fall into despair or overwhelm around life events and the barrage of news updates? So often we stay glued to the phone and get inundated with information which can increase anxiety and decrease our ability to respond effectively.

There is such a strong need for the ‘pause’ - the ability to find places and spaces to connect with the deeper meaning of life. It was so much easier to stay present when I was younger - before all the virtual distractions. Listening to a music album on the record player from start to finish. Getting absorbed in a book on the couch. Art in its many forms shifts our perspective, gives us hope, and helps us tap into other states of mind.

This Weeks Exercise:

CREATIVE NOURISHMENT: Soak in Poetry, Music or Art to Soothe the Soul

Time: 15 min - 1 hour or more

🔎 Find a creative inspiration that can hold your attention where you don’t have to look at a phone or computer screen such as…

- a piece of music or an entire album

- a poetry book

- a book of visual art

⬛ Block out any distractions at home, or go to an outdoor/indoor space where you can relax and focus

🎵 Treat this exercise like a creative meditation and be as present as possible. Soak in the music/poetry/art, etc. to see how it might fill you up with creative nourishment

✍ Reflect afterwards to see if this exercise altered your mood in any specific way, and/or renewed energy for all that you/we are facing in life

Feel free to share your findings with me through email.