Art in Community

“I know there is strength in the differences between us.
I know there is comfort, where we overlap. – Ani DiFranco

I am a community-oriented person. I was brought up with festive family dinners, playing cards with aunts and uncles, and memorable parties at special events. In my formative years we lived abroad because of my father’s work as an anthropologist in both Jamaica and Norway. I was introduced to an international group of people dedicated to social change. This has made a lasting impression. Throughout my life, I have maintained strong ties, yet there has been times when I have felt isolated or separate from. When I remember to prioritize meaningful connection with people who are trustworthy and open-hearted, my life expands and I feel much more fulfilled.

For over 20 years now I have been guiding people in art experiences that promote dynamic and soulful relationships. There is something that happens when we put creative/healing work at the center, especially when we emphasize honest exchange and mutual benefit (vs. competition and postering which can be a hazard in the art world).

Here are a few benefits of intentional art making and gathering in creative community:

– Get inspired and expand your range of possibilities while bearing witness to different art expressions and styles.

Gain more understanding and empathy for other’s lived experience and cultural backgrounds through creative exchange and storytelling. Art levels the playing field and helps us lean into our shared humanity.

Feel the wonder of synchronistic creative expression when tapping into universal truths. For example, often similar images, dances, stories may arise when creating with others.

Tap into a ‘creative high’. Be elevated and altered in a healthy way – an art experience can feel similar to a very enriching party without the drugs and alcohol.

– Be deeply nourished by the shared goal to create and produce art, and collectively embrace the passion for creativity knowing the potent role it has to play in our lives.